Rosa Nocturna is a symphonic metal band from Brno, Czech Republic. Rosa Nocturna emphasizes female vocals with czech lyric, symphonic elements and strong guitar riffs.

Live concerts are embellished by unusual stage decorations. Moreover they stress an interaction with the audience. During their show they invite volunteers from the crowd onto the stage.

So if you ever wanted to play in a band, you have the opportunity to do so at every show of Rosa Nocturna.

Members of the band are guitarists Tonda Buček and Petr Vosynek, basguitarist Petr "Dodo" Doležal and drummer Pavel Číž. Behind the mic you can hear Viktorie Surmova and another male and female guest vocalists.

  Some idea, wish, proposal? Tell us!

If you have whatever to tell us, don't hesitate. We are open to any kind of cooperation.

 email:     mobile: +420 777 052 892 (Tonda)

You can check our upcomming shows at our Bandzone or Facebook