Rosa Nocturna is a symphonic metal band from Brno, Czechia. Rosa Nocturna emphasizes female vocals with Czech lyric, symphonic elements and strong guitar riffs.

Members of the band are guitarists Tonda Buček and Petr Vosynek, keyboardist Johnny Vavruška and bassist David Koudela. Behind the mic you can hear Viktorie Surmova and another male and female guest vocalists.

  New single Skinchangers and its Czech version Lykantropie

The band has released a new single LYKANTROPIE in Czech and SKINCHANGERS in English. The story is based on the upcoming book of young writer Kateřina Loučková.

As guest musicians you can hear Adam Langr (bass), Kamil Šedovous Kaiser (nyckelharp), Silvie Marie Cecilie Chrudinová (growl), Seth Corttus (growl) and Martin Klekner (growl).

Main vocal Viktorie Surmøvá, additional vocals Johnny Vavruška, guitars Petr Vosynek and Tonda Buček.

  New video "O LÁSCE, O VÁLCE A O KRVI"

The band released a new video "O lásce, o válce a o krvi" (about love, war and blood). Filming was taken by Ninetytwo production. It is a romantic-war video (short film) depicting the story of the song.
The locations themselves are very interesting. You can find there Veveří Castle, historical Open Air Museum in Strážnice and historical fortress Tvrz in Rosice u Brna.

The video has also star casts. In addition to our guitarist Petr Vosynek, who plays the main character of the video, there are two other main actors Viktorie Surmová (band Surma) and Heri Joensen frontman of a band Týr from Faroe Islands.

Photos and videos from the shooting can be seen here: Photos and videos from the shooting.

  Looking for musicians for collaboration and others.

The band is looking for any enthusiastic musicians who would like to cooperate. The cooperation could be hosting on new releases, performing on live shows or anything else. Many interesting recordings have already come from those collaborations. Guests can be heard in almost all songs on the album Za hradbami času. The band has started long-term cooperation with many of them.

In addition to musicians, the band also looking for people with other skills or professions. Photographers who would like to take pictures of the band, sound engineer, actors on the stage ... The band would like to establish cooperation with a lyricist, willing to collaborate on song creation and subsequent realization. There are no limits and we will be happy to agree with everyone.

  We are looking for concert opportunities ...

We are looking for show, concert and festival opportunities. We like to come to play everywhere. We can arrange an exchange concert or any other form of cooperation. We are open to all offers. Our performance is not just only about music performance, but also about entertainment and interaction with fans.

  8.12.2017 New album Za hradbami času.

 email:     mobile: +420 777 052 892 (Tonda)

You can also check our upcomming shows at our Bandzone or Facebook